Tẹjúmádé Àfọ̀njá

I am the co-founder of AI Saturdays Lagos, an artificial intelligence community in Lagos, Nigeria. I work at CISPA as a research assistant under the supervision of Prof. Mario Fritz where I conduct research on learning generative models for tabular data. I lead the Sauti Project, work focused on improving accented speech research in Africa.
During the summer of 2020, I had the opportunity to intern remotely with Prof. Nicolas Papernot at the University of Toronto and Vector Institute where I investigated the security of speaker classification models, specifically, I worked on generative model extraction of speaker classification models.
In 2018, I co-founded AI Saturdays Lagos, an artificial intelligence community based in Lagos, Nigeria, a completely volunteer-driven initiative where we offer free classes on Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for about 16 weeks (classes are on Saturdays) through structured learning groups. We recently concluded our 7th cohort, focused on Data Science and Machine Learning. Since the onset of the pandemic, we now teach our classes virtually.
For the past two years, I have co-organized the Mechanism Design for Social Good development working group(MD4SG-Dev). I have also co-organized Machine Learning for the Developing World (ML4D) NeurIPS workshop for three consecutive years, where I served as the lead organizer in 2020 and the chair of the steering committee in 2021.
You can stay in touch with me via LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also contact me via email.
I write on Xhirot, my Medium page, and AISaturdaysLagos Medium page
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